In 2020, Tailored Clothing Exhibition will keep initial heart to forge ahead. We will make further resource integration of tailored clothing industry by higher stance, wider view, more energy and richer resources. We still aggregate the industrial chain group of tailored clothing brands, manufacturers, fabric suppliers, tailor stores, designers and customers. And we aim at continually arousing tailored awareness of consumers and stimulating the tailored clothing industry to develop prosperously. To hold the high ground and to build a better tailored clothing world.

  • China(Shanghai) International Tailored Clothing Exhibition(TCE for short)is to be held in SWEECC(Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center)on April 19-21,2019.There were 14,652 professional visitors attended the exhibition in 2018, and the crowds on the exhibition spurred the "business opportunities".In 2019, we will explore the needs of the clothing profession and strive to
    arouse the awareness of customization.
  • Clothing custom brands;Clothing custom manufacturer (factory);Paramount custom fabric
    ;Clothing custom platform and solutions;accessories customization;Realistic clothing custom store; fashionable accessories customization;the others
  • Textile & Garment Chamber of Commerce, All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce
    LISO Group Shareholding Co.,Ltd

Traffic Guidance

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition 
& Convention Center
ADD:1099 Guo Zhan Road,Shanghai,China 

Take line7 or 8, get off at yaohua station, 
get out from exit 4 or take line 8, 
get off at China art museum station, get out from exit 3.

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