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TCE clothing custom exhibition in April, "C" a gorgeous and stunning Shanghai!
April breeze
Let all encounters be so wonderful
A Customizer's "C" Tour
It's just the end.
TCE Garment Customization Exhibition is dedicated to the garment customization industry
Create a "C" stage that belongs only to you
So we're destined to be all in one.
TCE Garment Customization Exhibition 2019
At 9:00 am on April 19, the traditional place, the 2019TCE Clothing Customization Exhibition officially opened in H3 Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall! The exhibition was jointly organized by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce, Lingshuo Group and other industry organizations and government authorities. The opening ceremony was delivered by Mr. Wu Peng, President of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce, Vice-President Xie Jingrong of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, and founder and President of Lingshuo Group Holding Co., Ltd. This is the case. The exhibition covers an area of 17,000 square meters. More than 230 professional fashion customization exhibitors attended the exhibition. It is a good picture that occupies the "C" stage.
TCE Garment Customization Exhibition 2019
Leaders'speeches, guests' seats, media seats, audiences'admission, exhibitors' exhibits waiting, all of which are woven into the most beautiful pictures by the top "Suihua Dao" to officially open the "C" position journey along the way. The gathering crowd, professional audience's fashion customization shop designer, measuring technician, printer, customization technology department, decision-maker leaders of brand and manufacturer, customization shop owner, individual operator, material collector, customization brand promotion department, consumer purchaser, etc., on-site rich simultaneous activities weave TCE into the most beautiful. Meeting.
TCE Garment Customization Exhibition 2019
1. Every time we rub shoulders together, we will meet the right person by chance.

At 3 p.m. on April 21, 2019, professional audiences crowded for three days, bringing the long-awaited 2009 TCE Clothing Customization Exhibition to a successful conclusion. Every time we rub shoulders together, we will meet the right person by chance. According to official statistics, 26 291 people have participated in the three days, which is a new breakthrough for the effect of previous years. Here's a review of the highlights!
TCE Garment Customization Exhibition 2019
2. Every appearance is a unique arrangement of "C" position.

In the pavilion, every ray of light is calling for you, every breath is full of feelings, and the photo records the moment when you shine most, because here, you are the "C" bit!
The exhibition enterprises: (part of the list, regardless of order)
Shenzhen Win Ling Zhi Shang Technology Co., Ltd.
Wenzhou Zhuangji Garment Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Ownership Co., Ltd. (SOLOSALI)
Qingdao Kute Intelligent Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Kaizi Garment Co., Ltd. (SZ Shengzi Gaoding)
Zhejiang Bai Xiande Garment Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Aitai Technology Co., Ltd.
Shaoxing Boya Garment Co., Ltd. (China Customization)
Qingdao Qidong Junyi Trading Co., Ltd. (National Artifacts)
Hunan Paiyite Garment Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Suitable Information Technology Co., Ltd. (TG3D Studio)
Hangzhou Tiancai Industrial Co., Ltd. (Fenghexiang, Geshihongyuan)
Shandong Shangniu Technology Co., Ltd. (Heisburg)
Dongmeng Group Co., Ltd.
Bibige Garment Wenzhou Co., Ltd. (BbG Advanced Customization)
Shandong Ao Decoration Garment Co., Ltd.
Wenzhou Arctic Gull Garment Co., Ltd.
Wenzhou Jayadi Garment Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Pete Danton Garments Co., Ltd. (Customized by Jiupu Woman West)
Guangzhou Fengdu Garment Co., Ltd.
Holland & Sherry / DECHAMPS
Zhejiang Yishijia Garment Co., Ltd.
Hebei Freehand Garment Trade Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Mutai Garment Co., Ltd. (LADYS ELITE)
Shenzhen Yunzhimeng Technology Co., Ltd. (Elephant Dingzhi)
Shenzhen Boke Times Technology Development Co., Ltd.
STYLBIELLA--Beijing Yiliwei Textile Co., Ltd.
Abraham Moon
Cerruti 1881--Shanghai Baosai International Trade Co., Ltd.
Zen Haute Men's Luxury Hall
Ningbo Micro Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Red-crowned Crane Garment Co., Ltd.
Hefei Yingdili Overcoming Costume Technology Co., Ltd.
Locke Hao One person, e-judgement __________
Chongqing Wangyun Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Custom State
Zhejiang Aike Technology Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Jingwei CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.
Zhongyuan (Xiamen) Garment Design Co., Ltd.
Chengdu Clothing Family
Dongguan Qiaosilk Garment Co., Ltd.
Ningxia Huichuan Garment Co., Ltd.
Martha Mara (Zhejiang)
Guangzhou Gold Custom Garment Co., Ltd.
Sudi Jinluo Weaving (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Cavalle Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Hanchen Garment Design Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Gervan Garment Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Opinion Garment Co., Ltd.
Tongxiang Yingbaiwei Clothing Co., Ltd.
Fengze Light and Luxury Customized Women's Wear
Zhejiang Wenlian Garment Technology Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Mandarin Clothing
Ningbo Aihuang Hongbang Cultural Creative Co., Ltd.
Mingxun Club
Changzhou Muzhe Garment Co., Ltd. - Saiyifang
Thai Costume
Inner Mongolia Weilang Garment Co., Ltd.
MatchU Code
Shanghai Weide Shan Garment Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Beno Garment Co., Ltd.
Quanzhou Dianmei Garment Accessory Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou House likes to display props company
Wenzhou Dingbo Garment Co., Ltd.
2.4 HARRISON Charleson
Beijing Meishi Meihua Garment Co., Ltd.
Yunwei Custom Shop, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Guangzhou Cloud Customization Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Easy to Change)
Ten-meter Cloth (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd.
Italian exhibition area
Wuhan Gexing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
(The above is an incomplete display of the enterprise.)
3. Under each spotlight, it is your "C" posture that flickers.

Thousands of eyes are focused here, enabling models in business clothes to open their heads and perform gracefully, because this is the stage for them to publicize.