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Clothing custom shop:
"I am too difficult"... The most recent mantra from the vibrato seems to be very entertaining in various industries, especially for the custom shopkeeper who is struggling to manage. of.
1, 2019 "According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, from a national perspective, the marriage rate in 2018 is only 7.2 ‰, this figure hit a new low in the past 10 years. More data indicates that China will have a singles crisis in 2020, More than 20 million people will not get married! If you can't make these newcomers' dresses, the whole people will fall into the "fear" of 2020~"
2, "The shop has just stepped onto the right track, calculated the list of transactions in the previous period, remove the cost of fabrics, processing fees, express delivery and repairs, in fact, the remaining profit is very few ~"
3, "I clearly have done everything, the in-store experience and after-sales service is not a problem, but the repurchase rate of old customers is still so low?"
4, "Hey, why do my physique teachers run with others? Ah~~ heartache"...
At the same time of launching the clothing custom service slogan and awakening the clothing customization awareness, the clothing customization shop always walks in the front line, serving thousands of consumers, of course, it will face various problems of large and small, and it is also within the industry. The old-fashioned topic, then avoid it, or calmly meet and challenge it? In fact, there are already a lot of interesting gameplays in the industry, and it’s invincible to see the move.

1. What is the decline in market demand caused by the rapid decline in the proportion of newcomers?
Earlier, in the consumer's awareness of the custom shop on the street, more high-profile activities such as marriage, banquet, etc., will enter the custom store with a very formal decoration style to enjoy the service. Nowadays, clothing customization has gone to the public. After eating and drinking, it is to pursue self-image creation. "There is nothing more important than the face, and clothing is the second face of people."
The reduction in the proportion of newcomers, more affected is the store that specializes in wedding dress services. In this situation, the custom shop can not only stare at the newcomers, the middle-class consumers are the main source of power, then it is necessary to introduce fresh blood, many companies began to play games that complement the store products, once only do men's clothing The introduction of some women's clothing customization, only the formal men's introduction of casual custom, to achieve product diversification.

The added categories can be produced by third-party cooperation. For example, many women's customized enterprises at the 2019TCE clothing customization exhibition replied: "There are many custom shops at the exhibition site to take some of our women's clothes to attract the eye, probably to accompany the gentleman to customize the suit. My wife, I bought it when I saw it." I think this should also be a good "routine."
In addition, in the previous issue of “One City One Customized Series”, in the story of “Unreal World Dust Customization” in Nanjing, the dust custom was originally a small store, how to forge the scale of today, among them “playing method” "There can be a good reference.

Second, the confusion caused by the supply chain cost relationship?
This is a problem that will never be solved. Fabrics, processing costs are expensive, and consumers will never pay for your high-cost service. The two are caught in an "infinite loop". In the end, can they only benefit?
Xiaobian actually wants to say that customizing seems to be a high-income industry, but at the same time it is a sentimental thing, because love, because of professionalism, because of ingenuity, all the rewards, time will give you! But how to choose and adjust the relationship between the supply chain, TCE clothing custom exhibition site many brands may give you some help and choice.

In April 2019, the TCE clothing custom exhibition broke through 15013 people on the first day. There were 271 exhibitors in the customized supply chain on the spot, which solved the problems of a large number of customized enterprises and helped many custom shops find their way. . .

Third, about the difficulty of custom shop reinstatement?
“An early customized customer enters a custom shop. First of all, he does not doubt the quality of customization. However, his understanding of the price has led to his high expectations. Whether he chooses 1,000 or 10,000 clothes, his expectations are the same. It will be considered that the custom-made clothes should be exactly the same concept. Therefore, when the expectation value is high, when our products are within the normal reasonable range, he may not accept it... "墨理订制老刘I have said this.
It is often such a “falling experience” that will lead customers to no longer repurchase. In response to such problems, in the first issue of “One City, One Customized Series”, the indifferent Liu Li, who shared the heart, has left his own uniqueness. Insights.

4. What about the loss of talents in the physical education division?
I always hear the customer say, why do the physique teachers I have ran with others? After squandering a sum of money, he finally helped others to raise a mass. . .
This seems to be a problem of talent management, and it is not entirely true. The physicist seems to be a simple measure. When he picks up the scale, he has already started to communicate with the customer, which determines the customer experience and even affects the ready-to-wear. The upper body effect, but also to dock the factory various problems. . . Generally speaking, the physicist is a very important position, but it is also a very emotional position. Professional people do professional things. They have to look right at the beginning. Time will prove a deep love for clothing. People.

More problems, such as the operation of the store, the establishment of the brand, the solution to the problem of the volume, all kinds of problems will never stop throwing to the person in charge, and even some people will say that the public's consumption consciousness It has not been fully adjusted, which is even more challenging for the growing number of custom-made companies.
In addition to the Face To custom supply chain, TCE Apparel Customs has always been committed to awakening the customization awareness of C-end consumers. In 2020, it is also a fashion style, gentleman's elegance, creative landing, technology and smart style, and gradually innovate the industry experience. Perfectly showcase the charm of clothing customization, to attract, influence, and change people's perceptions of traditional clothing consumption patterns.

TCE clothing custom exhibition
March 29-31, 2020
New and old customers are hot! ! !
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall H3